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The Premier Pilates & Yoga Difference

Premier Pilates and Yoga is dedicated to the preservation of the authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates. Our Instructors have gone through Classical Pilates Certifications with a minimum of 600 hours of training, observation and apprenticeship, and most of our Instructors have completed up to three Pilates Certifications--more than 1,800 hours of training.

Our Sessions and Classes educate clients and allow them, through guidance and support, to take charge of their own health and well-being. All sessions are tailored to your individual body utilizing the six Authentic Pilates principles allow you to achieve your goals. Whether you are a beginner, a senior, training for a marathon, pregnant, or rehabilitating from an injury, Premier Pilates and Yoga will help you to a chieve a stronger, leaner, longer, more flexible, and better balanced body.

In addition to Pilates we offer a variety of yoga group classes and private sessions to accommodate all levels. Classes are offered in Hatha, Vinyasa, Kripalu and Ashtanga Instruction, and we also offer Specialty Yoga Classes for Beginners, Prenatal/Postpartum, Osteoporosis Athletes, Teens, Theraputics, Heart Disease/Cancer and other Special Populations. We also offer Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Private Instruction. Our Yoga Instructors have a variety of certifications with ten or more years of teaching experience and over 3,000 hours of study.

Our intimate, private studio has private, semi-private and small group equipment sessions as well as Pilates Mat and Yoga Classes of no more than 6-8 people to ensure individual attention and to make sure you are receiving the maximum attention for your time, effort and money.

At Premier Pilates and Yoga you will take with you the energy and knowledge that empowers you to be in control of your own health and well-being.

Studio Equipment

We carry top of the line authentic pilates equipment made by both Peak and Gratz. These unique machines utilize both spring resistance together with your bodyweight resulting in a longer, leaner, more flexible and aligned body.

Pilates Equipment and Accessories

  • Universal Reformer/
  • Trapeze Table/Cadillac
  • Wunda Chairs
  • Spine Correctors
  • High Ladder Barrel
  • Foot Corrector
  • Toe Corrector
  • Finger Corrector
  • Ped-o-Pull
  • Bean Bag
  • Baby/Arm Chair
  • Head Harness
  • Magic Circle
  • Stability Balls and Therabands
  • Triad Balls and other small balls
  • 1-2lb hand weights


  • Yoga Mats and Blocks
  • Yoga Blankets and Bolsters
  • Straps