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  Pilates Comprehensive
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Why Choose Premier Pilates & Yoga's Pilates Teacher Training Program?

Do you want to be the best Pilates Instructor in the business? Then train with the best. Premier Pilates & Yoga is recognized for its high standards and attention to detail and prides itself on its non-judgmental and non-formulaic method of teaching the art and science of Joseph Pilates' work. We limit program enrollment to ensure exceptional teacher-student ratio fostering the individual while simultaneously remaining true to the principles of the Pilates Method.

Premier Pilates & Yoga's 500-hour Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program will allow you to be the best Instructor wherever you teach. Our Pilates Teacher Trainers and Instructors have all studied with 1st Generation Pilates Elders—Joseph Pilates protegées, and are themselves great teachers in their own right. Our program is fully comprehensive and provides the training that you need to begin your career as a fully-certified Pilates Instructor. For over 16 years we have trained hundreds of Instructors how to effectively and efficiently reshape clients' physiques as well as post-rehabilitation using the Pilates Method.

Program Overview

Seminars are taught as “Systems”-- this is a scheme that links all exercises of a certain level together into workable programs from which to build. System seminars will cover exercises on each piece of Pilates apparatus and teach the apprentice to skillfully weave together a session for their clients from the Pilates system & its principles. In between system seminars is when our reviews, clinics, observation, assisting and teaching hours take place. A unique benefit of our training program is that each Candidate will also have the opportunity to take our Advanced Teaching Techniques weekend Course, which is included in the program. This Course adds even more skills to the teaching of the Pilates Method. We will go over advanced touch and manual perception skills, integrated assessment, biomechanics, special populations, specific advanced hands-on assists and muscle release techniques to enhance the Trainee's understanding of the Authentic Pilates Method.

Fall 2015 - Comprehensive Pilates Certification Seminar Schedule

Seminar Hours9:00am - 5:00pm
• Beginner SystemSeptember,2015
• Intermediate SystemOctober 2015
• Advanced SystemNovember 2015
• Advanced Teaching TechniquesDecember 2015

Premier Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training Program Details

The program consists of 98 hours of training seminars and 402 hours of apprenticeship for a total of 500 hours. The seminars include in-depth discussions and hands-on instruction of the Pilates Method and its principles. We will demonstrate correct executions of exercises and share practical teaching tips. Discussions will include safety concerns, injuries, exercise modfications, and correct body placement.

Length of time to Complete our Pilates Certification

The length of time varies with each individual and level of Pilates experience. Teacher Trainees usually take 6 months to a year to complete the program.

Requirements to Qualify for the Pilates Training program

To enter the program, all candidates must have completed a minimum of 25 private (or Semi-Private) Pilates Apparatus sessions and 25 mat classes at either Premier Pilates & Yoga or another approved Authentic Pilates studio. For prospective students who have not fulfilled these requirements at Premier Pilates & Yoga, an evaluation will be conducted to ensure that the candidate has a basic understanding of the Pilates Method before training begins.

Cost of the Program

The cost of the Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program at Premier Pilates & Yoga is $4800. This includes all seminars, use of all studio equipment, Teacher Training Manual and other handouts, observation, two Pilates Mat or Pilates Equipment classes per week, evaluations and apprenticeship. In addition, all teacher trainees will be eligible for a 20% discount on all private and semi-private sessions beyond the two Mat or Equipment classes per week that are already included in the program cost.

Certification Program Teacher Trainers

Our Program is taught by Adriene Ingalls, MA, CPT, RYT 500, SYT. Adriene has been trained extensively with not one, but two of Joseph Pilates' protegées, Romana Kryzanowksa, and Kathleen (Kathy) Stanford Grant and has been conducting Pilates Teacher Training Programs for over 16 years.

Our Pilates Teacher Training Program Locations

Our Teacher Training Program takes place twice a year at both of our studios in New Rochelle, NY and New York City,

Apprenticeship and Exam

The 402-hour apprenticeship includes all practice sessions, observations, meetings, seminars, and physical time at the studio. Motivated students will benefit greatly from our hands-on approach to Pilates, with access to experienced and knowledgeable teachers, our program director, and each other.

Candidates will be given three practical and three written exams over the course of the program to ensure proper learning, assimilation and mastery of the Pilates Method as well as to prepare the Candidate to begin teaching professionally right after graduation from the program.

Unrivaled Resources

As an apprentice at Premier Pilates & Yoga, events and continuing education workshops outside of the program will be made available for you to work side by side with some of the world's top Master Instructors in Pilates and a variety of other fields.

Program Application

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