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300 Hour Advanced Studies Program – 500 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Yoga Teacher Training Program:

Our 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training program builds on the foundation of the 200 hour program providing an additional 300 hours of advanced study consisting of 10 weekend workshops and directed personal study. Each weekend of the 500 hour program is rich with experience and information. You will deepen your personal embodiment in asana, vinyasa, pranayama and meditation, and learn to teach authentically and effectively. The scope and depth of this training profoundly enriches every aspect of life and teaching.

Our Advanced Studies program will teach you skills and techniques to allow you to grow confident in offering specialized workshops and earn hundreds or even thousands more! The rigorous and serious 500 HR TT certification earns you the right to write the coveted title of “RYT-500” after your name which makes more job opportunities available, you are able to earn more per class and maximize the income earned from doing what you love well into the six figures! You’ve probably already heard that you can earn great income by attracting corporate clients and teaching in corporate wellness programs but thought you didn’t have enough experience to tap into the opportunities available in corporate consulting. As an RYS-500 graduate from our Advanced Studies Program you will be equipped to teach pranayama and mediation for stress management in the style of Yoga that many corporations are looking for, and thus lure in the big corporate clients and other lucrative opportunities. In a nutshell, what does it mean to be “RYT-500”? What Yoga studios, corporate and private clients see is a teacher empowered with deep understanding of Yoga’s healing properties for the mind, body and spirit, a teacher that can adapt a practice for individual student needs, is comfortable with the subject matter and therefore at-ease and creative with teaching it to either groups or in a private setting.  A teacher amongst teachers.

We don’t stop at the modern body.  When you study with us, you will explore in greater detail the subtle “energy” body including the , Chakras, Nadis and Koshas advanced Pranayama (breathing exercises or techniques to “free lifeforce”), meditation, chanting and its effect on the body and mind, mudras, ayurveda basics and so much more. But, you won’t just learn about it, you’ll experience its effect on your body, mind and spirit. In addition, you will come away with knowledge of working with yoga therapeutics, backcare, restorative yoga and scoliosis. Armed with a greater knowledge of both the modern and subtle body, you’ll be able to impact your students’ bodies, minds, spirits and lives on a whole different level.

Your investment will be affordable and the intensive weekend schedule can fit the needs of even the busiest NYC yoga teacher / practitioner.  We realize that most people need to work full-time or care for family while pursuing their teacher certification. To honor this, we have priced our program competitively and built it around real-life scheduling that is designed to accommodate to a wide range of lifestyles with weekends, and an extensive schedule of yoga classes to choose from. In addition to being one of the most-established programs in New York City and Westchester, we are also one of the most affordable.

Our trainings are intimate (maximum 10 people per training), personalized, popular. Our 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training, 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training are all registered with the Yoga Alliance.


  • Advanced Asana Practice
  • Advanced Vinyasa Flow Sequencing
  • Practice Teaching--Experiential Learning; Yoga Philosophy
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Advanced Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology
  • Advanced Pranayama and Meditation
  • Meditation and the Relaxation Response
  • Advanced Hands On Adjustments, partner work and assisting
  • Ayurveda, Advanced Subtle Body and Chakras
  • The Science and Art of Effective Cueing
  • Various Release Techniques and somatic movements to relieve pain and help the body heal
  • Yoga Therapeutics for major areas of the body, the diaphragm and Breathing conditions
  • Using the Voice with Various Populations, refining verbal cues

500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training -- Fall 2015

2015 - 2016 Dates:

October 2015 - September 2016

Weekend Hours
Fridays:  8:30 am - 6:30
Saturdays:8:30 am - 6:30
Sundays:8:30 am - 6:30

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Apply up to a Month Before Start date – $3950

Applications les than a month in advance – $4350

Extended Payment Plan available.

Included in your tuition: The Premier Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training Manual

Required Texts: (Not Included in Tuition)

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